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The Abbasi SIJNY Library is usually open on Sundays, from 11am to 3pm.

Library Policy Document

Library Update 03/31/2010:

Community Message

Alhamdulillah, the Library is in full swing and being utilized extensively! Our young readers are enjoying the vast selection of books and are eager to gain knowledge. Special thanks to the Madressa teachers for encouraging students to take advantage of this resource and also making it an integral part of their own research.

Abbasi Library already has some beautiful books. More books have been added to the Juvenile section. Recently, the  ‘ eeman series’ have been added and they are divided into K to 6 level. There are also questions at the back of these books.

New Titles / Additions:

Learning as we grow

Mother’s love


Surprises, surprises

The Ball

Can you see


A day at the Park

Who Knows

Lets go for a ride

What did you say

Helping Hands

Strange things happen

Home adventures

Arabian Tales

Bubble Trouble

Lots to learn

Run and Jump

The Doll

The Kite

What is it

Cars, trucks and Buses

Time for bed

I can learn


Tiny Tales

Caring for the world

Sharing and caring

A home for fuzzy

Acts of Kindness

Trips to remember

Boats in our world

School Days

The Pet Shop

My pets

Lets  go

The tent



Come and see


Can I come

We can do

The twins and the big quiz

The twins and who is the thief

The twins and the tug of war

I like


The White Nights of Ramadhan

A party in Ramadhan

The Library has also added SAT, GMAT etc., books for the community’s children.  Since times are hard and books are expensive, the children can now borrow books for review or tests.

A PDR  ( Physicians Desk Reference) has also been added.
Snowman Competition:

Muneera Hamza won the snowman competition.  Good Job Muneera!  It pays to read.

Amnesty Month

April is a fine free month! Please return all overdue books and no fines will be charged.
Community Book Club Updates and Reviews

Reviews and Comments from Community  Members:

Review 1

After a long stint of absence, I had the fortune of visiting the Abbasi Library over the last two Sundays.  I was amazed at its evolvement.  The Library has an impressive collection of educational material from books to CDs to DVDS for all ages.  More so, I was impressed with the dedication and commitment the library administrator and her band of volunteers have.

I highly recommend members of the community, especially parents who come to drop their kids for Madressa, to spare at least 10 minutes and visit the Library.  They will definitely be enriched by the experience.  Our participation and encouragement will for certain help the growth of this very vital organ of our community.  As one of our A’Imma has put it “You must preserve your books as you will soon need them.” (Al-Kafi H148 c 17 h10).

Comments by Mazaher Habib.
Review 2:

The Prophets’ stories for children from Al- Saadawi Publications.

Reviewed by Musadiq Y Bhalloo

The Prophets’ stories for childrehas approximately 20 books on the prophets of Allah. Some of the titles include Prophet Harun, Ishaq, Zakaria, Shuaib, Saleh etc whose stories we do not usually hear a lot about as well as the ones we know a lot about such as Prophet Nuh, Yunus, Ismail, Yusuf etc. Each book is about 10-12 pages long and is a very easy read for the children and provide a good background and awareness on each of the prophet. The madressa currently carries the following titles:

Adam, Nuh, Dawud, Hud, Ismail, Saleh, Yunus, Yahya, Harun, Ayyub, Shuaib, Ishaq, Yusuf, Zakaria, and Yaqub.
Review 3:

SUNAN AN-NABI: A COLLECTION OF NARRATIONS ON THE CONDUCT AND CUSTOMS OF THE NOBLE PROPHET MUHAMMAD by Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Taba’taba’i. The Islamic Publishing House, Fl. $26.95 (+ s&h).

[Review by Professor Mohsin Alidina]

In this era of technological advances and human liberty, there is greater need for morality and restraint if these advances are to be put to good use for the benefit of humankind. Hence, there is need to tap into the best source of morality and behavior that mankind has ever witnessed and that is the Sunan An-Nabi Muhammad SAWW.  This book by Allamah Taba’taba’i, a great erudite, is most welcome contribution to human knowledge and practice for The Prophet SAWW has been describe by The Creator Himself as “the Best Exemplar” in 33:21 and possessor of sublime morality in 68:4.

Allamah contextualizes the content of the book by defining ‘adab’, akhlaq and sunnah. Adab refers to attributes of actions performed in the ‘real world’, Akhlaq to attributes of the inner self and sunnah is all-encompassing good and evil ways. In The Qur’an, ALLAH SWT guides the prophets in the adab and the sunnah and endorses the actions of prophets, for example, in 6:84-90, 60:4, 3:68 etc.

The book is divided into three main sections depicting The life of The Prophet SAWW in terms of his sunan and adab with ALLAH SWT and his method of worship and supplication, his interaction with people and his etiquettes in travelling, eating, dressing etc. There is a narration of Imam Ali ibni Abi Talib AS detailing The Prophet SAWW’s conduct inside and outside the home to Imam Husayn ibni Ali AS who sought to know how The Prophet SAWW conducted his life.

As to his interaction with people, The Prophet SAWW despite his status would not like anyone to stand up for him, he would insist upon his guest to recline upon a cushion to be comfortable and would accept gifts but not charity and would go to a place by one route and return by another. When asked the reason for the latter, The Prophet SAWW said this way the sustenance increases.

Brushing one’s teeth twice a day, morn and even, is among the sunnah of The Prophet SAWW transmitted by Imam Ali AS. Fourteen hindered years ago, The Prophet SAWW gave us the advice that dentists do these days.
Before reciting The Qur’an, The Prophet SAWW would always begin with Isti’adha, and when he had completed reciting a sura, he would affirm “Yes, indeed, I am a witness to this.”

Allamah Taba’taba’i’s book is informative, fascinating and insightful and sheds some light on The Prophet SAWW’s life in its various aspects. The verses and ahadith have been adequately referenced.

The author has also added what he terms “Uncommon narrations’, one such is to recite 100 times on the Day of Al-Ghadeer a sentence of Praise to ALLAH SWT for completion of religion. This is a readable book. However, the publisher’s blurb  erroneously refers to The Prophet SAWW as the ‘founder’ of Islam, a misnomer that needs to be rectified.
Review 4:

Sameerah’s Hijab and the first day of school

Review by Aleena Manji

This book is about Sameerah, a nine year old girl.  Sameerah is anxious to go to a new school in a different country.  She is also worried about her Hijab and how people will react to it.

Sameerah goes to the new school on her first day wearing her blue hijab.  The surprising thing she found was how all her new friends accepted her hijab.  Instead of making fun of her, they asked her questions so they could learn more. One friend even asked if Sameerah’s mom would make a hijab for her!

The book is simple and easy to read and understand.  The pictures are nice to look at.  The story is very interesting and believable. I was sad when the book ended because I wanted to know what would happen next.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to all nine year old girls and even their mothers.
Review 6:

[Review byAbbas and Raihana Jaffer]

The author has brought together in this book the practical and theoretical scientific evidence of our worship in Islam. This is  amust read for everyone especially those who are interested in understanding the core of our belief system.

To send reviews of  Islamic Books  that you are reading  please send it to [email protected] . For more details please call SrShenaz Nasser at 732-381-1774