Al-Mahdi Outreach Program

About the Program

The Al Mahdi Islamic Center of Hicksville, Long Island, stands as a community-driven religious organization. Our primary goal is to foster the well-being of both our members and the broader community. We firmly believe that initiating social improvement within the community ripples outward, leading to the creation of our Outreach Branch

Within our Outreach Group, we’ve actively participated in philanthropy, reaching communities in Nassau County, Queens, NYC, and even globally. From aiding Afghan Refugee Camps in NJ to supporting victims of Catastrophic Floods in Pakistan, contributing to mosque repairs in Tanzania, and donating school supplies to an Orphanage school in Tanzania, our commitment knows no bounds.

Several times a year, our dedicated Outreach volunteers venture out to provide sustenance to the needy and underprivileged in NYC areas. Additionally, we enthusiastically partake in celebrating and contributing to Thanksgiving at the Interfaith Nutrition Network (The INN) in Hempstead.

These initiatives are just a glimpse of our commitment to giving back, fueled by our faith. Recent successes include forging alliances with Asian-American Affairs of Nassau County, Town of Hempstead County, Island Harvest, and DHF. We eagerly anticipate deeper collaborations with these organizations, joining forces to amplify our impact in supporting humanitarian causes.

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Anar Murji


Fatima Khalfan



Food Drive & Baking at the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) for Thanksgiving

In NYC; Al Mahdi Outreach Volunteers feeding the needy & underprivileged in collaboration with Who Is Hussain & MGB (Food Truck)

Al Mahdi Outreach collaborating with Domestic Harmony Foundation for Walk Against Domestic Violence

Al Mahdi Outreach In Action: Visiting & Donating To Refugees In Person For Eid Celebrations And Holiday Giveaways To The Needy In NYC

Al Mahdi Outreach Volunteers Serving Iftars During Ramadan With Other Organizations At The Interfaith Iftar In Nassau County Office & NYU Vicinity In NYC

In The Past Years Al Mahdi Outreach Group Has Partnered Up And Made Alliances With Various Organizations In Nassau County In Many Facets In Giving Back To The Community & Helping The Underprivileged

Al Mahdi President; Hasnain Aziz & our Resident Aalim; Shaikh Bilal both proudly honored by Bruce A. Blakeman Nassau County Executive & Officers at the Asian American Affairs Interfaith Iftar, March 2024

Al Mahdi Community children in action during Ramadan 2024 preparing over 1000 food & toiletries bags for “Feeding The Hungry”

Al Mahdi Outreach Coordinator; Anarkali Murji and our upcoming Orthopedic Surgeon; Hadi Aziz both proudly honored by Supervisor Don Clavin; The Hempstead Town Board at the Interfaith Iftaar, April 2024