About Us


Al Mahdi Islamic Center (Parent Org Name: Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of New York) is a Member based religious organization servicing Shia Muslims in Long Island. The organization comprises mainly of Shia Muslims from the Indian Subcontinent and East Africa - known as Khojas. The term Khoja derives from Khwāja (New Persian Khājé), a Persian honorific title (خواجھ) of pious individuals used in Turco-Persian influenced regions of the Muslim world.

Aims & Objectives of the Organization

To promote the teachings of Islam according to Shia Ithna-Asheri Ja’ffari Faith and to provide facilities for the Members and their families to observe the same.

To safeguard and further the religious, moral, social, and educational interests and promote the welfare of the Members and their families.

To create, cultivate and maintain goodwill, amity and understanding between the Members.


We are a community based organization that believes societal improvement starts within the community and expands outward. Our objective is to nurture an environment that will allow individuals to grow and contribute as they seek closeness to Allah SWT. Some of our service offerings are as follows:

Various children’s programs/workshops, Thursday Evening Dua Kumayl + Lecture, Friday Jumah Salaat, Celebration of birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet Muhammed and his Family (Peace Be Upon Them)