Union Sports Club


Volleyball was first born in New York within our Khoja community in the mid 70’s. The original meeting place was the park close to the Queens Center Shopping Mall in Elmhurst. Because Volleyball was played outdoors, the sport was limited to summertime activity only. However, these gatherings brought the community together and enough excitement to hold tournaments with the brothers in Allentown and a group of Ismailis in New York.

1982 was a monumental year because with the presence of Br. Liakat Fazal, Br. Nisar Fazal, Br. Murtaza Rajabali, Br. Ahmed Alloo, Br. Shabbir Nathoo, Br. Nazir Jafferali and many others, “UNION” was born. In addition, because the community had grown considerably in size, the sports festivals were no more a summertime event only. Volleyball became a year-round community activity where players from as far as Toronto, Montreal, Indiana, Allentown and Vancouver all gathered under one roof for a tournament. In fact, a committee of 3 hosting cities was formed consisting of New York, Allentown and Toronto making it possible to have 3 tournaments in a year.

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Chairman: Mohamed Kermalli

Secretary:  Mustafa Shivji

E-mail: [email protected]